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Why SOC (Symphony of the Cells)?

100% Credit is given to Boyd Truman and TruWellness, Inc.

""There are three major reasons SOC was created. 

  1. To keep things simple for anyone at any level.  The most important thing to do, is simply apply the essential oils onto the body and the oils will create the benefit needed.  It is suggested that these oils be layered across the entire back, on the bottom of  the feet, as well as inhaled when instructed.  This allows the body to receive the maximum absorption and advantages.

  2. SOC was created to empower you!  In many ways, we have been cautioned on the effects of essential oils, rather than educated on their benefits.  This book is here to provide you with the knowledge to confidently apply essential oils in a more efficient manner

  3. SOC was created to provide education on knowing which oils are most appropriate for certain body systems and ailments.  It is our hope that the more you increase your experience and knowledge, the better you will understand which oils can bring balance and harmony into your life or into the life of the person you are helping."

The book he is referring to is the Symphony of the Cells Journal  and can be purchased at TruWellness, Inc at the following link.   Link to Book   I highly recommend getting this book. 

I would also recommend going to Boyd Truman's training.  It is worth the money!  You will gain knowledge of how doTERRA oils can help every member of your family, your friends and your community with almost any issue they have.  It truly blew my mind!  I knew these could help people but I didn't understand how much I truly can be helping the community.  Let your mind be blown as well. 

LINK to BOYD's Classes

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