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Sue Trefethren

I am sharing The Quantum Wellness App with anyone who will listen!  It is a brand new technology that is helping individuals all over the world find their way to a better quality of life!

Check out the WellnessForAll.Club site

I am a:

Certified Muscle Tuner Specialist

Certified Energy Boost Specialist

Certified Touch For Health Practitioner

Certified in the AromaTouch Technique

Certified Full Body Flowologist

doTERRA Wellness Advocate since 2014

Essential Oil Educator

Let me introduce myself.  I am Sue Trefethren from Greenville, WI.  

I have fallen in love with the brand NEW TO THE WORLD technology of THE Quantum Wellness App!  I am connected with the Quantum Nomad group and I am on the ZOOM calls with them every single day for one Simple Hour with people all over the WORLD.  During this call people share their experience and  the difference this app has made in their life.  I call it the hour of LOVE!  I get so excited when someone moves from a place of very unwell to a HUGE upgrade on their quality of life!  I have been known to grab a few tissues during these calls.  They touch your heart in such a special way.  Take the time and check out the ZOOM call that happens 7 days a week at 3 PM EST at

If you do, let me know what you think.  If you want to give this technology a shot, email me, text me or IM me. 

With all the negative things going on in our world every single day, one can get bogged down and spiral into a dark place.  That did happen to me just a few weeks ago.  I am a fun loving person and not much gets me down.  A few weeks ago I woke up angry, sad, mad, it was as if I hated the world and everything in it.  I did not like how I was feeling so I grabbed my phone and I did a spark scan on this app so that I could find out EXACTLY what virtual ingredients my body was requiring at this time.  I selected the top 10 ingredients, and I activated it.  I kid you not, within 30 minutes I was feeling better and within 2 hours all darkness was gone and it hasn't returned.  I love this wellness app!

I love the way Daniel shared it with Bob!  "Hey Bob, you have got to try this out!  It's only a hundred bucks and it works!".  Bob was skeptical, but wanted to help a friend out and now it is eight months later and his entire family (his wife and all 11 of his children) are on this.  He will never be without it.  By the way, one person pays the $100 dollars a month for the subscription and then each account gets 8 family spots for $10 each and each family member gets that full subscription.  It is the best deal ever and has made a huge difference in the entire family.  Listen to Desiree Wade's Testimony!

Dr. Cook, the founder of this technology, shared with us how to use this technology to help remove trauma from your life.  

     Here is Janie's story about trauma around dog bites

     Here is Tracy's story getting rid of her trauma

     Cathy from New Zealand overcomes her PTSD

In addition to this app, I love doTERRA Essential Oils, Muscle Tuning, Energy Boosting, Full Body Flowology and Touch for Health balance because these are additional tools that help people move to a better quality of life and are in such a natural way.  

My mission is to bring balance to body, mind and spirit so the body can heal itself.  It is all about treating the whole person and getting to the root of the issue.

LET THE SPARK BE WITH YOU and follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD to a better quality of life!

Check out the Wellness App Today

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