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About Me

Sue Trefethren


My passion is helping people get to a better place of wellness in their lives.  I have a lot of tools to get you there.  I love energy medicine - The medicine of frequencies.

I focus on scanning individuals utilizing their voice.  The scan identifies places in their body that are imbalanced and provides tones/frequencies to help balance the body as well as suggestions for life style changes.

I use the terahertz frequency through a wand to help wake up dormant cells and get rid of the bad cells.  This frequency vibrates at the same frequency as our cells.  It is an amazing tool.

I take images via my AO Functional Infrared Camera and submit them to doctors trained to read the images and provide my clients with a report on temperature imbalances in there body and suggestions to improve the situationE or suggest further investigation.

I am a:

Certified Energy Boost Specialist

Certified Touch For Health Practitioner

Certified in the AromaTouch Technique

Certified Full Body Flowologist

doTERRA Wellness Advocate since 2014

Essential Oil Educator

In addition, I use Emotion Code and Body Code Software and Muscle Testing.

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