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I have been using the APP since June of 2018 and it has been incredible.  It is life changing.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Vaughn Cook for taking his success with ZYTO and moving it to the next level to be able to help us all at a quantum level.  I can tell you I will not be without this APP.  It is a part of my life here on out!  Here are some incredible changes I have seen in just 4 short months of using this app:


  • For the past 10 plus years I wake up at 5:00 am without an alarm clock.  It never mattered what time I went to bed.  I ran the SLEEP InfoBoost and I slept 12 hours that night.  Can you imagine what it felt like to wake up at 8:30 am!  EXTRAORDINARY! My 5 AM wake is gone for good.  Most of the time it is 7:30 that I see the light of day.  The Limbic Arc disrupted my pattern.

  • I have had scaly patches on my skin since I was 8 years old.  I put together a CUSTOM INFOBOOST specifically with the intention of getting rid of my scaly patches. I ran this for 3 cycles of 8 days each and my patches on my hands are completely gone.  I am in complete AWE!

  • I have always struggled with focusing especially during a lecture or seminar.  The day before I attended a convention for the weekend, I ran the FOCUS INFOBOOST.  Can you say WOW!!!!  You guys, I sat in my chair the entire time completely focused.  I listened intently and I completely retained what I learned. I didn't need to get up and walk around. I can even recall people specifically, what they looked like and what they said.  This is a first for me!

  • I took a nasty fall.  I am a heavy lady.  I fell on a cobble stone road.  My knees hit, my elbows hit but I saved the face.  I was a bloody mess.  I got up right away and finished crossing the street.  My knees hurt but I was able to walk.  I attended the session I was heading too.  I applied some essential oils I had.  My knee was very stiff but I was able to walk which was amazing.  I had my friend do a quick touch for health reset.  My other friends did Symphony of the Cells on me for inflammation.  I started the PAIN INFOBOOST on my LIMBIC ARC app.  The next morning I needed to fly home and get through airports etc.  I woke up with no pain.  I walked all day with no pain.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the PAIN INFOBOOST helped me to be able to be OK just a day later.  I recovered in a day and I know at some level LIMIBIC ARC helped me get through this mishap. I also believe that my body was able to handle it from all the other INFOBOOSTs I have used over the past three months prior to this incident.  

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