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What is a Flowologist and Flowology?

I have recently become a certified Flowologist. I know, you are wondering....what in the world is a Flowologist? What does that mean? If you google it, you won't find it. Flowology is a brand new thing.


I specialize in moving negative emotions, thoughts, and habits stored in the body to a positive emotion, thought, or habit, using essential oils, reflect points, and affirmations.

To be brief, I am certified to give foot treatments developed by Janet Marquez. This is Janet. She is a Foot Zoner, a DoTerra wellness advocate, and is an expert with oils and foot zones and removing blocks that we all deal with daily. I am blown away by her, what she has to offer this world, and I have gained so much from her over the past year. 


The course she developed consists of 10 foot treatments that combine acupressure with essential oils and affirmations. Most people have felt emotionally "stuck" at some point. More than likely You have emotional junk that you are holding on to right now. You know that it does not serve you. Being stuck is the opposite of progressing. When you are "un-stuck" you are living in flow. 


The combination of essential oils, acupressure and affirmations is a powerful tool designed to help you release emotional burdens that are holding you back from being your best self... that person you are on your best day... that person you were born to be. That emotional baggage may store in different parts of your body, and once it is gone, many people literally feel lighter and more at peace. My goal in giving these treatments is to help you live in the flow... That is Flowology. 


 The recommended value for these treatments is $150 a session.  I charge $75 per session.  If you would like to experience a foot treatment, call today to schedule your appointment.  920-570-7505  

WOW!  I have to say WOW again.  Sue did a Flowology treatment on me because I was experiencing a low grade anger issue that I couldn't get to the bottom of.  She muscle tested to see which one of the 10 treatments my body needed.  She did the treatment and I can tell you, I walked away from her office and I was happy.  There was no more anger.  It left my body.  I don't know how this all works but I was so impressed with the results.    -Betty

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